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 artist profiles Samplerman (Yvan Guillo) artist

Artist Name: Samplerman
Legal Name: Yvan Guillo
Location: Brittany, France
DOB: 12th Feb 1971
Profession/Primary Skill: Graphic Designer, cartoonist
Preferred Medium: Ink on Paper but I do digital collage
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): « Scientific Kissing » (a self published minicomics)
What social media would you like people to follow you at? 
Where can we buy your work? for the books for the prints and other crap

What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
I did something for a collective exhibition in Paris but it’s on hold because of the …situation. Hopefully this will reopen in spring :
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
Not much … I do a monthly comic strip for my local newspaper. This is horrifying  but I don’t have no hobby !

Favorite Music/Bands: Post Punk, Ethiopian jazz, Bollywood tunes but I mostly spend the day listening online to radio stations as WFMU, BBC6, WPRB, XRAY.FM and french public radio stations
Favorite Comic Artists: Steranko, Kirby, Wolverton, Fred Gardineer, Segar, Franquin, Tillieux, Fred (Philémon),Tezuka, Druillet, Tardi
Favorite Comic related publications: online: The Comics Curmugeon, Scratches (a comics magazine directed by Joost Swarte), a french review : « pré Carré ».
Favorite non-comic artists: André Picabia, Ray Yoshida, Hieronimus Bosch, Le tampographe
Is there anything you collect? Not much besides comic books, books about comic books, When I was in Paris I used to collect paper advertisings from african gurus from the north of Paris ; I am downloading everyday online mainstream comics strips from gocomics and comiks kingdom (why and what for ? I don’t know); My own Trash ; Crap from the street… I would spend my time collecting stuff if I lived in a castle now my apartment is overcrowded with books boxes of magazines boxes of my old drawings and my auto published books I don’t have enough space.
Other Inspirations: Movies : french nouvelle vague (Godard Rohmer Rivette Chabrol) Agnes Varda, Rozier etc.
Favorite Links:

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? Marthes Bathory, Keren Katz, Henriette Valium, Ted Shearer, Martin Tom Dieck, Dane Martin, Jirô Ishikawa, Jimmy Swinnerton, Alex Barbier, Bertoyas

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 artist profiles Johnny Damm artist

Name: Johnny Damm
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
DOB: 1977
Profession/Primary Skill: Artist/Cartoonist/Writer
Preferred Medium: Comics/ Collage Comics
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): “Hello Betty” (The Offing), “Compton’s Cafeteria: 1966” (Guernica), “I Never Have Lied to You” (Rotland Press’s The Dreadfuls Special)
What social media would you like people to follow you at? : IG: @johnny.damm twitter:@dammjohnny
Where can we buy your work? and stores (hopefully)
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
Failure Biographies, a new graphic novel, comes out from The Operating System in summer 2021
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I write essays, make visual poems

Favorite Music/Bands: Sun Ra, The Stooges, Moor Mother, Y La Bamba, Dua Saleh, Mission to Burma, Special Interest, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Slauson Malone, The Raincoats, Armand Hammer, The Louvin Brothers
Favorite Comic Artists: Shigeru Mizuki, Julie Doucet, George Herriman, Joe Sacco, Lynda Barry, Gord Hill, Alberto Breccia, Jess, Crockett Johnson, Hernandez Brothers, Gabrielle Bell, Ben Passmore
Favorite Comic related publications: I’m liking everything Rotland Press puts out
Favorite non-comic artists: Pope L., Asco, Benjamin Patterson, Yoko Ono, Tucumán Arde, Félix González-Torres, Adrian Piper
Is there anything you collect? I try not to collect things (small apartment), but art, books, comics, and records still sneak in at an alarming rate
Other Inspirations: Octavia Butler, Howard Zinn, Ursula K. LeGuin, Robin D.G. Kelley, Assata Shakur, Dorothy B. Hughes, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Rachel Pollack, Nathaniel Mackey

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? I think The Eternaut is likely under appreciated in the U.S. Gord Hill is an amazing educational cartoonist who might not get his full due. So many exciting comics artists out there…

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 artist profiles Mars Eve curator

Artist Name: Mars Eve
Legal Name: Marshall
Location: Longview, Texas
DOB: 02/14/1971
Profession/Primary Skill: digital art/design
Preferred Medium: acrylic painting, then digitizing/manipulating it
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): Wizerd Zine #1 / Shiot Crock APA
Where can we buy your work?<<

Favorite Music/Bands: Foals, Minus the Bear, Descendents, Highly Suspect
Favorite Comic Artists: Go Nagai, Jack Kirby, Michael DeForge, Lale Westvind
Favorite Comic related publications: Pluto, Mao Dante, Requiem Vampire Hunter, anything Jonathan Hickman
Favorite non-comic artists: Andy Warhol, Banks Violette, Jeff Soto
Is there anything you collect? ephemera, art books
Other Inspirations: ephemera, Christian propaganda, art books
Favorite Links: Tumblr is still a daily visit. I use Old Reader  to follow blogs. I use Scribd for research constantly! I also religiously watch Cartoonist Kayfabe, and Noah Van Scivers YouTube!

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Shiot Crock artist profiles
Ringside Seats Zine
 artist profiles Casanova Nobody Frankenstein cartoonist

Name: Casanova Nobody Frankenstein
Location: Austin Texas, USA
DOB: August 28, 1967
Profession/Primary Skill: Autobiographical-Cartoonist
Preferred Medium: mixed-media
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): Tears of the Leather-bound Saints (Fantagraphics, 2020)
What social media would you like people to follow you at? :
Where can we buy your work? I have prints at my etsy shop:<<
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
the most recent thing was a collaboration with artist Glenn Pearce:<<
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I do standalone drawings, photos, memes, plush figures, and I try to customize everything I own.

Favorite Music/Bands: New Order (not the dance stuff), Debussy, Chopin, Erik Satie, Misfits, Cramps, Arcade Fire, Billy Idol, Vampire Weekend, ICP, classic Salsa, Latin jazz, cool jazz, Bebop, alternative Country, etc. Anything with true heart.
Favorite Comic Artists: Steve Mellor, Tanino Liberatore, Alberto Breccia, Karl Wills, Bill Sienkiewicz, Josh Bayer, Will Elder, Dick Briefer, Jack Cole, Jaime Hernandez.
Favorite non-comic artists: Terry Olen Barr, Richard DiFeo
Is there anything you collect? original art
Other Inspirations: characters like Mad Max, Speed Racer, and the Fonz. Writers and thinkers like James Baldwin and Kurt Vonnegut.
Favorite Links:

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? Stephen Mellor is all but forgotten. His Kinetic Kids feature in Crazy Magazine, was a true original.
Glenn Pearce is an incredibly-prolific yet mostly unknown artist in Australia. And brilliant Canadian comics artist, Captain Rottsteak.

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 artist profiles Glenn Pearce artist

Artist Name: Glenn Pearce, though I will sometimes answer to the Zombiechickencatcher
Legal Name: Glenn Pearce
Location: Frankston Victoria Australia
DOB: 3/01/1975
Profession/Primary Skill: two decades working as a chicken catcher on farms and factories after I was kicked out of artschool
Preferred Medium: pencils on paper. if I had cash I’d paint with oils on linen at a monolithic scale
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): As of writing this I’m putting all my books (comics but mostly graphic novels) on Lulu books print on demand. I’ve been making underground Australian comics for thirty years at this point. I started with selling zines at comic shops when I was fifteen. To over the years having no interest in pimping my books to folks I don’t know. So up till the end of 2020 I only shared them with friends. The poet cartoonist Casanova Frankenstein pushed me to put my books out. So there is sixteen or more books I’ve made. Some with other collaborators but most on my own. It’s only now that I’ve said all I have to say in my comics that I’m happy to let this stuff go. I’m actually leaving comics at this point, though I still intend to draw stories for a few friends.
Way I look at it I’ve reached stage three in my art making life. Started drawing as a little kid then was the first person in my entire family to ever finish highschool, and then kicked out of The Victorian College of the Arts. Suffered a Psychotic break and was subjected to shock therapy 36 times. From then a life catching chickens and making art on weekends. Till my mid forties just making art full time. I’ve been making whatever I want even without the encouragement of money. I’m living the dream.|
What social media would you like people to follow you at? : Only have a YouTube channel I almost never use. Dumped all the others over time, the ego maniac world is not for me. I did meet some good people though I still consider friends. David Arshawsky is an excellent underrated artist I met when I used Facebook.
Do you have a Patreon to support?: Hell no. Money and art to me makes me concerned.
Where can we buy your work? Only Lulu Books. I love the underground quality of it. I’m even suss on giving info out here as aside from the books I made with others. I don’t encourage people to read my stories, I’m a mess. With no endless following and hashtags on social media there’s a big element of chance, digging and word of mouth to find my books.
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
I’ve been doing alot of art with activists in response to institutional child abuse in Australia. So if all goes well there should be a decent exhibition at the Ballarat Australia gallery in 2021.
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I draw everything from portraits, still life’s to landscapes. I’ve also and still do alot of film design. Designing monsters is a lifelong obsession I’ll never quit. It’s like comics, I’m addicted and no matter how often I try to put it behind me I can’t.

Favorite Music/Bands: Music is more inspiring to me than most other forms of creativity. Most creative folks I’ve known are musos, they don’t tend to follow the rules of the art world so much. The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Powerline Sneakers (from Australia), Beastianity, Warped (from Australia, not the festival), Splatterheads, Powder Monkeys, Bored, Nazxul, Hordes Of The Black Cross, Bongwakers, Damaged, Blood Duster, Grant Hart, Monster Magnet, High on Fire, Big Black etc…. Are some bands I listen to. It’s a longer list than this.
Favorite Comic Artists: Casanova Frankenstein. I’m a longtime fan and am lucky to call him a mentor in comics. Al Columbia and William Cardini are cool. Crumb and Burns do it for me always. I’ve never read Chris Ware and I’m sure he’s great. I never liked Maus as a kid but do now.
Favorite Comic related publications: The entire catalog of Domino Books, Fantagraphics and anything by Tim Goodyear’s Teenage Dinosaur. Tim as with Austin English both hold the best of the qualities of the late Dylan Williams. I live in Australia and am not involved in any local scene or have never been to a convention.
Favorite non-comic artists: So many to say… Clive Barker comes to mind and Richard Stanley.
Is there anything you collect? I used to collect alot of books/comics and records, that I no longer have. So when I can I might buy that sort of thing.
Other Inspirations: I do get inspired by outside things, though I’d hate to be categorized or part of any cabal. So while not being a slave to my own taste, I get to be consumed by some odd things I wouldn’t normally choose to like. But I wouldn’t know how to not make art. There is never enough hours in the week. I don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t make art.
Favorite Links: I like Ben with a pen on Instagram. I think Ben Davis is a pretty interesting Australian toonist. 

Bloodhound fx is my film partner. We spent ten years making a no budget film called Hitler Lives 2017 that no one watched.

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? I’m sorry to say I do like alot of artist’s work, I’m well read on the subject. Though I really only care about my friend’s art. I havn’t had many instances of collaborative kindness and have been burnt many times. So I’m pretty focused on the few good folks I know. The Australian artists Robert House and James Money. Evilstoo and Morte from Bloodhound fx. Mark Kluzak’s band in the UK The Doomed Bird of Providence. Sly, Johnny, Katie and Hirsty’s band, Powerline Sneakers. Plus Casanova Frankenstein the hugely underrated American cartoonist.
Making art is weird to me always and looking at work by people I’ll never meet is a great source for ‘copy.’ Though it’s the real friends who work hard with the fire of life that I care about. There’s more energy and empathy there in what they do, than I can absorb in several lifetimes.

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 artist profiles Lale Westvind

Name: Lale Westvind
Location: Ancestral Lands of the Lenni Lenape People (Philadelphia)
DOB: 01/25/1987
Profession/Primary Skill: Artist
Preferred Medium: whatever’s around/ pencil and ink mostly
Your latest/favorite publication(your work):  Grip
What social media would you like people to follow you at? :  @lalewestvind |
Where can we buy your work?<<
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
Grip, Hax Memora, Grand Electric Thought Power Mother
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I like to carve wine corks and avocado pits 

Favorite Music/Bands: Mulatu Astatke, Pharoah Saunders, Malaria, Tangerine Dream
Favorite Comic Artists: Carlos Gonzales, Munoz, Anya Davidson, Tom Toye
Favorite Comic related publications: Bubbles Fanzine, But is it… Comic Auht?
Favorite non-comic artists: Farley Mowat, Noah Purifoy, Stanislaw Lem, Kerry James Marshal (makes comics too), Frank Auerbach, Lucien Freud, John Waters
Is there anything you collect? Road squashed metal, road trash, packaging 
Other Inspirations: Nature, machines, dreams
Favorite Links:@fuckyourbikesucks, @auto_atrocities, (Dick Proeneke; Alone in the Wilderness),

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? Brother Malcolm (@1989.AM.Comix), Ana Woulfe, Angela Fanche, Meghan Turbitt, Thomas Lampion, and Brad Gottschalk- his work is amazing and strange and beautiful. Highly recommended!

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Capture-1-240x300 artist profiles   Westvind47-227x300 artist profiles Westvind1-232x300 artist profiles tumblr_p10i70Thnq1qjfymvo6_500-300x169 artist profiles tumblr_p10i70Thnq1qjfymvo1_500-169x300 artist profiles Lale3-238x300 artist profiles detail4-big-240x300 artist profiles 54_battlewomen3mailart-300x247 artist profiles 53_foxingpantonecolorswestvind-233x300 artist profiles 51_todaylalewestvind-235x300 artist profiles

#lalewestvind on Instagram

 artist profiles Jared Cody Wolf artist

Name: Jared Cody Wolf
Location: Pennsylvania
DOB: 02/1984
Profession/Primary Skill: comic store owner
Preferred Medium: pen, and Procreate
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): Sober Zero
Where can we buy your work?<<

Favorite Music/Bands: David Bowie, Eminem
Favorite Comic Artists: Micheal Deforge, Jesse Moynihan
Favorite Comic related publications: Strangers Fanzine
Favorite non-comic artists: Andy Warhol, Picasso
Is there anything you collect? I collect art & plants

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