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Artist Name: Samplerman
Legal Name: Yvan Guillo
Location: Brittany, France
DOB: 12th Feb 1971
Profession/Primary Skill: Graphic Designer, cartoonist
Preferred Medium: Ink on Paper but I do digital collage
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): « Scientific Kissing » (a self published minicomics)
What social media would you like people to follow you at? 
Where can we buy your work? for the books for the prints and other crap

What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
I did something for a collective exhibition in Paris but it’s on hold because of the …situation. Hopefully this will reopen in spring :
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
Not much … I do a monthly comic strip for my local newspaper. This is horrifying  but I don’t have no hobby !

Favorite Music/Bands: Post Punk, Ethiopian jazz, Bollywood tunes but I mostly spend the day listening online to radio stations as WFMU, BBC6, WPRB, XRAY.FM and french public radio stations
Favorite Comic Artists: Steranko, Kirby, Wolverton, Fred Gardineer, Segar, Franquin, Tillieux, Fred (Philémon),Tezuka, Druillet, Tardi
Favorite Comic related publications: online: The Comics Curmugeon, Scratches (a comics magazine directed by Joost Swarte), a french review : « pré Carré ».
Favorite non-comic artists: André Picabia, Ray Yoshida, Hieronimus Bosch, Le tampographe
Is there anything you collect? Not much besides comic books, books about comic books, When I was in Paris I used to collect paper advertisings from african gurus from the north of Paris ; I am downloading everyday online mainstream comics strips from gocomics and comiks kingdom (why and what for ? I don’t know); My own Trash ; Crap from the street… I would spend my time collecting stuff if I lived in a castle now my apartment is overcrowded with books boxes of magazines boxes of my old drawings and my auto published books I don’t have enough space.
Other Inspirations: Movies : french nouvelle vague (Godard Rohmer Rivette Chabrol) Agnes Varda, Rozier etc.
Favorite Links:

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? Marthes Bathory, Keren Katz, Henriette Valium, Ted Shearer, Martin Tom Dieck, Dane Martin, Jirô Ishikawa, Jimmy Swinnerton, Alex Barbier, Bertoyas

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