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Name: Casanova Nobody Frankenstein
Location: Austin Texas, USA
DOB: August 28, 1967
Profession/Primary Skill: Autobiographical-Cartoonist
Preferred Medium: mixed-media
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): Tears of the Leather-bound Saints (Fantagraphics, 2020)
What social media would you like people to follow you at? :
Where can we buy your work? I have prints at my etsy shop:<<
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
the most recent thing was a collaboration with artist Glenn Pearce:<<
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I do standalone drawings, photos, memes, plush figures, and I try to customize everything I own.

Favorite Music/Bands: New Order (not the dance stuff), Debussy, Chopin, Erik Satie, Misfits, Cramps, Arcade Fire, Billy Idol, Vampire Weekend, ICP, classic Salsa, Latin jazz, cool jazz, Bebop, alternative Country, etc. Anything with true heart.
Favorite Comic Artists: Steve Mellor, Tanino Liberatore, Alberto Breccia, Karl Wills, Bill Sienkiewicz, Josh Bayer, Will Elder, Dick Briefer, Jack Cole, Jaime Hernandez.
Favorite non-comic artists: Terry Olen Barr, Richard DiFeo
Is there anything you collect? original art
Other Inspirations: characters like Mad Max, Speed Racer, and the Fonz. Writers and thinkers like James Baldwin and Kurt Vonnegut.
Favorite Links:

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? Stephen Mellor is all but forgotten. His Kinetic Kids feature in Crazy Magazine, was a true original.
Glenn Pearce is an incredibly-prolific yet mostly unknown artist in Australia. And brilliant Canadian comics artist, Captain Rottsteak.

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