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Lale Westvind


Name: Lale Westvind
Location: Ancestral Lands of the Lenni Lenape People (Philadelphia)
DOB: 01/25/1987
Profession/Primary Skill: Artist
Preferred Medium: whatever’s around/ pencil and ink mostly
Your latest/favorite publication(your work):  Grip
What social media would you like people to follow you at? :  @lalewestvind |
Where can we buy your work?<<
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
Grip, Hax Memora, Grand Electric Thought Power Mother
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I like to carve wine corks and avocado pits 

Favorite Music/Bands: Mulatu Astatke, Pharoah Saunders, Malaria, Tangerine Dream
Favorite Comic Artists: Carlos Gonzales, Munoz, Anya Davidson, Tom Toye
Favorite Comic related publications: Bubbles Fanzine, But is it… Comic Auht?
Favorite non-comic artists: Farley Mowat, Noah Purifoy, Stanislaw Lem, Kerry James Marshal (makes comics too), Frank Auerbach, Lucien Freud, John Waters
Is there anything you collect? Road squashed metal, road trash, packaging 
Other Inspirations: Nature, machines, dreams
Favorite Links:@fuckyourbikesucks, @auto_atrocities, (Dick Proeneke; Alone in the Wilderness),

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? Brother Malcolm (@1989.AM.Comix), Ana Woulfe, Angela Fanche, Meghan Turbitt, Thomas Lampion, and Brad Gottschalk- his work is amazing and strange and beautiful. Highly recommended!

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