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Name: Johnny Damm
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
DOB: 1977
Profession/Primary Skill: Artist/Cartoonist/Writer
Preferred Medium: Comics/ Collage Comics
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): “Hello Betty” (The Offing), “Compton’s Cafeteria: 1966” (Guernica), “I Never Have Lied to You” (Rotland Press’s The Dreadfuls Special)
What social media would you like people to follow you at? : IG: @johnny.damm twitter:@dammjohnny
Where can we buy your work? and stores (hopefully)
What is your latest project we should be looking at for?:
Failure Biographies, a new graphic novel, comes out from The Operating System in summer 2021
Besides comics, are there other kinds of arts you do?:
I write essays, make visual poems

Favorite Music/Bands: Sun Ra, The Stooges, Moor Mother, Y La Bamba, Dua Saleh, Mission to Burma, Special Interest, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Slauson Malone, The Raincoats, Armand Hammer, The Louvin Brothers
Favorite Comic Artists: Shigeru Mizuki, Julie Doucet, George Herriman, Joe Sacco, Lynda Barry, Gord Hill, Alberto Breccia, Jess, Crockett Johnson, Hernandez Brothers, Gabrielle Bell, Ben Passmore
Favorite Comic related publications: I’m liking everything Rotland Press puts out
Favorite non-comic artists: Pope L., Asco, Benjamin Patterson, Yoko Ono, Tucumán Arde, Félix González-Torres, Adrian Piper
Is there anything you collect? I try not to collect things (small apartment), but art, books, comics, and records still sneak in at an alarming rate
Other Inspirations: Octavia Butler, Howard Zinn, Ursula K. LeGuin, Robin D.G. Kelley, Assata Shakur, Dorothy B. Hughes, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Rachel Pollack, Nathaniel Mackey

What artist/creators/comix do you feel are underrated or unknown? I think The Eternaut is likely under appreciated in the U.S. Gord Hill is an amazing educational cartoonist who might not get his full due. So many exciting comics artists out there…

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