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Mars Eve

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 Mars Eve alt comics artists
Mars Eve
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Artist Name: Mars Eve
Legal Name: Marshall
Location: Longview, Texas
DOB: 02/14/1971
Profession/Primary Skill: digital art/design
Preferred Medium: acrylic painting, then digitizing/manipulating it
Your latest/favorite publication(your work): Wizerd Zine #1 / Shiot Crock APA
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Favorite Music/Bands: Foals, Minus the Bear, Descendents, Highly Suspect
Favorite Comic Artists: Go Nagai, Jack Kirby, Michael DeForge, Lale Westvind
Favorite Comic related publications: Pluto, Mao Dante, Requiem Vampire Hunter, anything Jonathan Hickman
Favorite non-comic artists: Andy Warhol, Banks Violette, Jeff Soto
Is there anything you collect? ephemera, art books
Other Inspirations: ephemera, Christian propaganda, art books
Favorite Links: Tumblr is still a daily visit. I use Old Reader  to follow blogs. I use Scribd for research constantly! I also religiously watch Cartoonist Kayfabe, and Noah Van Scivers YouTube!

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