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One of the largest, but at the same time important work of students is the abstract. Despite the fact that it is not a term paper or thesis, it is worth paying special attention to the Essayassistant of the text and its originality. How to write the abstract correctly, what should be emphasized?

Since writing an abstract is a process during which the skills of independent work are formed, it is very important to consider each stage of the procedure. Its writing implies: the systematization of information; write my lab report for me, the use of several sources; the absence of letter-by-letter copied information; submitting data not in the format of an outline.

The first thing to do when writing an abstract is to choose a topic. As a rule, the list of topics is given by the teacher and is included in the framework of the program of a particular course. To write quickly and accurately, it is worth pushing back when choosing topics from your own interest. It is equally important to consider the presence of a large number of sources. If there is little experience, it will be difficult to create a good material.

To begin with you need to select the material, this can be done: through websites on the Internet, selecting electronic scientific articles and textbooks; with the help of libraries, where you can still find and useful periodicals; by obtaining information from the teacher.

When most of the material has been found, you can move on to the formation of the work plan and directly write the project.

The key rules of drafting an abstract are compliance with the volume, structure and design features of the As for the volume of work, it usually varies between 7-15 pages. If the theme is very complicated, its disclosure can take up to 20 pages.

Particular attention should be paid to the structure of the abstract. It is presented as follows: the title page, a structured content, a detailed plan, the introductory block, the main part, the final block, the appendix with a list of references.

By the way, references are made by different methods. They can be: indicated here and highlighted by means of square brackets; marked at the end of each page.

In the final block should briefly provide conclusions on the topic of the abstract and set out their own opinion on the problem.


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