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How to motivate a child: do not skimp on praise and do not be shy about specialists

“Well, he doesn’t want anything at all! Interested in nothing!" - if you constantly talk like that about a child, then maybe you should try new ways of motivating. How? We will tell you what to do and what not to do if you want your child to study with pleasure.

If a child does not want to study, then parents often perceive this as a sign of his failure. But for this not to be enough to use this help so that the child can want to learn. The pressure in this matter leads to the opposite effect - children lose interest in learning. Why does a son or daughter not want to study? How can parents motivate a child to gain new knowledge, what mistakes to avoid?

Why the child does not want to study

He has no interest in the educational process or in certain subjects. The reason may be a difficult relationship with the teacher. But in order to build a relationship with a teacher, it is enough just to help your child write homework, using the help from you can effectively influence your child to be a successful student. Thus, he will be able to establish relationships not only with the teacher but also with peers.

The family has a difficult emotional situation, constant conflicts between adults, physical or psychological violence in the family.

What due to character traits: the child is shy, not confident in his abilities, afraid of criticism.
There is an unhealthy atmosphere in the class, there are ridicule from classmates.The teacher is too keen on external motivation when the child receives any titles for the academic period for successful studies. Most often, the same children achieve this title, while the rest feel their failure. But if you tell the teacher that you need to pay attention also to other children who are unsuccessful in doing homework. Teachers have a lot of good resources to help and if you ask someone to proofread my paper it can help your child do their homework. Since when a child sees mistakes in writing written works, he learns to study even better.

The child has health problems. This is not about serious developmental problems, but about a psychosomatic reaction to attending an educational institution. When a child is reluctant to go to school, afraid, the manifestations can be very different: from a decrease in academic performance to an exacerbation of diseases. Physical discomfort can be manifested by headaches, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

If a child transfers to another school, a change of team can be stressful for him.
Parents and the child himself are focused on grades, when knowledge fades into the background.

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